Au Sable River at Riverview

Main Branch of the Au Sable River

My Approach

I love to fly fish and I love the environs where I chose to offer our services, the Au Sable River & Manistee River watersheds. I want others to enjoy these special places as much as I do. While fishing is a big part of the experience, it’s not the only thing. These are beautiful cold water resources and should be enjoyed in their entirety. I encourage my clients to look around and “smell the roses” during their trip. You’ll likely see all kinds of wildlife, including our resident eagles.

I can and will help with your casting, fly selections, fishing techniques, and presentations. I know these waters very well including some “addresses” of the resident trout that live in these waters. I just ask that you practice Catch & Release.

We want you to have a great guided trip and will do everything in our power to make that happen.

My Credentials

I am a Certified USCG Captain and fully licensed with an Inland Waters Pilots License and Commercial Access permits through the Michigan DNR. In addition, I am First Aid Certified in the unlikely event that someone needs medical attention. Finally, cell phone reception is iffy at best up in this area of the state. Verizon works pretty well, even on the river, and that is the service I use so you are never out of contact should the need arise.

Meet the Owner

Tom Quail

Tom Quail

  • Fly fisher 25+ years.
  • Certified USCG Captain
  • Taught introduction to fly fishing & intermediate fly fishing for Orvis, 6+ years.
  • Past chairman of Michigan Trout Unlimited.

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